• earning English with Mister Duncan  with VIDEOS - 55 lessons - FREE - More lessons to come.

    Lesson 1-(Introduction)
    Lesson 2-(Hello/Goodbye)
    Lesson 3-(Please & Thank You)
    Lesson 4-(Response to Please/Thank You)
    Lesson 5-(Good/Bad)
    Lesson 6-( Happy / Sad )
    Lesson 7-(Health and Exercise)
    Lesson 8-(Friends)
    Lesson 9-(FAME)
    Lesson 10-(Saying Sorry)
    Lesson 11-(Irony and Coincidence)
    Lesson 12-(All About You)
    Lesson 13-(Grammar)
    Lesson 14-(Body Language)
    Lesson 15-(Slang)
    Lesson 16-(Technology)
    Lesson 17-(Time)
    Lesson 18-(Small Talk)
    Lesson 19-(Rules!!)

    Lesson 20-(More Slang)
    Lesson 21-(Compliments)
    Lesson 22-(The Way You Feel)
    Lesson 23-(Faults/Bad Habits)
    Lesson 24-(Changing English)
    Lesson 25-(Speech Making)
    Lesson 26-(On and Off)
    Lesson 27-(Noun/Verbs)
    Lesson 28-(Intonation)
    Lesson 29-(Jokes andHumour)
    Lesson 30-(Abbreviation)
    Lesson 31-(Lies)
    Lesson 32-(Fear)
    Lesson 33-(Questions and Answers)
    Lesson 34-(Political Correctness)
    Lesson 35-(Making Mistakes)
    Lesson 36-(Phonetics)
    Lesson 37-(Fashion) 
    Lesson 38-(News)

    Lesson 39-(Money)
    Lesson 40-(Complaint and Complain)
    Lesson 41-(Influence)
    Lesson 42-(Action!)
    Lesson 43-(Superstition)
    Lesson 44-(Word Association)
    Lesson 45-(Describing Things)
    Lesson 46-(The Human Body)
    Lesson 47-(Punctuation)
    Lesson 48-(Death)
    Lesson 49-(Food)
    Learning English-(Summer Sickness)
    Lesson 50-(Samuel Johnson)
    Lesson 51-(Giving Your Opinion)
    Lesson 52-(British & American English) 
    Lesson 53-(The Office)
    Lesson 54-(Winter Snow)
    Lesson 55-( L O V E )

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