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    Here are our last lessons: The creation of the monster, its description, the conversation with other pupils and the description of your friend's monster. At the end, we started preparing the exchange with the CM2:

    Thursday, March 9th

    (the ninth)

    Describe your monster


    My monster has got five legs and three eyes.

    He is big, blue and green.


    HOMEWORK: Friday, 10th: Draw your monster + write the description on the poster.Friday, March 10th

    (the tenth)

    Interviews about your monsters

    1)          Prepare 5 questions for a friend in the class.


    a) Does he have many eyes?

    b) What colour is your monster?

    c) How many teeth does he have?

    d) Is he tall or small ?

    e) What colour are his arms?


    Present your friend’s monster.



    13/03/2017: Write the description of the monster (copybook, minimum 5 sentences)Thursday, March 16th

    (the sixteenth)


    Correction of the homework

    He has two big green eyes.

    He is tall and very strong.

    He has eight arms and long purple hair.


    School exchange with the CM2: physical description


    Instructions: write a complete physical description of yourself (hair, face, eyes, mouth, nose, ears, skin colour, height, built and more details)




    17/03/2017: finish your physical description (practice the pronunciation) [minimum 8 sentences]

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