• Hello everyone,

    Today, we prepared the final task. Here is the document:


    - 22/05: ENGLISH TEST

    - 24/05: FINAL TASK

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  • Hello everyone,

    We continued working on giving advice and we explained the meaning of "should" and "shouldn't":

    Thursday, May 4th

    (the fourth)

    Guiding visitors at the simulator

    You should listen to the instructions. 

    You should fasten your seatbelt or your harness.

    You should wait for your turn to enter the simulator.

    You shouldn’t scream / shout / speak too loud.

    Transform “You should turn off your phone”

    [3rd person plural]:  They should turn off their phones.


    I can give advice / Je sais donner des conseils

    -      SHOULD : sert à faire une suggestion, à donner un conseil ou faire une forte recommandation.

    Ex : You should be polite.

    -      SHOULDN’T: sert à déconseiller, à faire un reproche ou donner une quasi-interdiction.

    Ex : D. Trump shouldn’t be so intolerant and orange.

    -      SHOULD dans une question: on demande un conseil.


    Ex : Should I call now ?

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  • Hello everyone,

    Today, we first corrected the creative writing of the EPI on Hopper.

    Then, we worked on guiding visitors during a visit of a flight simulator.

    We listed ideas in two categories: SHOULD or SHOULDN'T.

    Guiding visitors in the flight simulator


    Visitors shouldn’t smoke in the simulator.

    They should watch the screens.

    They shouldn’t eat, drink or use their cellphones.

    They shouldn’t move during the simulation, particularly during the take-off and landing.


    HOMEWORK: 04/05/17 


    Learn the lesson (should + bv et voc)

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  • Hello everyone,

    Last week, we worked on two listening tasks:

    - the first one was a podcast

    - the second one was a video.



    Sending humans to Mars

    This document is a podcast dealing with / talking about sending people to Mars.

    It will be developed during the next five years / within five years.

    Scientists want to send an American man and an American woman to the planet Mars in a spacecraft.


    The competition is addressed to university students who will elaborate plans for the year twenty eighteen (2018).


    At the end, their projects will be judged on quality , timing , cost and simplicity.

    Listen again: http://learningenglish.voanews.com/a/sending-humans-to-mars/1738165.html



    Thursday, April 13th

    (the thirteenth)

                         A visit of a flight simulator



    Word bank:

    A flight simulator: un simulateur de vol

    Landing : l’atterrissage ≠ a take-off : un décollage

    An engineer : un ingénieur

    A crew : un équipage

    An airport : un aéroport

    A cockpit (un poste de pilotage)

    Awesome : génial

    Apollo 13


    HOMEWORK : 03/05/2025


    Learn the vocabulary



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  • Hello everyone,

    Last week, you had a creative writing task to do about Hopper's painting and a story related to it.

    After that, we started a new 'sequence' based on space exploration.

    Thursday, April 6th

    (the sixth)

    Correction of the test: Nighthawks, E. Hopper

    Ex1: puzzle: match and complete:

    a)          The painting is entitled Nighthawks. (add 2 words)

    b)         This painting is an oil canvas/painting. (add 3 words)

    c)           You can see this painting at the Art Institute of Chicago.

    Ex2: correction:

    a)          On the right, there is a diner. (2)

    b)         The painting was created by Hopper. (3)

    c) The scene takes place in a city at night. (3)

    Last week

    Sequence: .........................................

    Document 1: a photo/an advert

    On the photo we can see a man.

    We think that he is model, a singer or a

    football player.

    He has an original hairstyleWe imagine the

    stars in his hair represent/symbolize the US flag or a pop music band.


    In the bottom right-hand corner, we can read the letters “JPL”. We guess the letters stand for an advertisement company, the name of a music band or the initials of the man’s name.

    A full-page ad job offer

    Actually, the stars in the man’s hair represent space because we can read the words “science fiction,” “wonder” in the slogan.

    This document is a job offer for NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) in Pasadena, California.


    HOMEWORK: lesson 

    Learn more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bobak_Ferdowsi

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