• Friday, February 9th

    (the ninth)

    Presenting our imaginary character


    Name: Bobby Peter – Dates: [18/04/1982- 18/04/2017]

    Job: novelist (fantastic) – fame: 2010. Wrote 19 books, sold 1M

    Married: 1) Bernadette (2 children)– 2) Victoria (4 children)

    Pets: a goldfish (Nemo) – a tarantula (Bobby Jr) – a dog (Mehmud)

    Cause of death: killed by Bernadette (shot. Took money)

    Nationality: Japanese

    è     What was his name?

    è     When was he born?  When did he die?

    è     What was his job?  When did he become famous?

    è     How many books did he write and sell?

    è     Who did he marry?

    è     Did he have pets?

    è     How did he die?

    è     What was his nationality?



    HOMEWORK: 26/02/2018

    Final task: revise questions/answers (preterit) about biographies

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  • Thursday, January 18th

    (the eighteenth)

    Questions about Dickens’s life

    1)  What was his job?

    2) When was he born?

    3) When did he move?

    4) Where did he work?

    5) When did he become famous?

    6) How many children did he have?

    7) When did he divorce?

    8) When did he die?

    Exercise: say it in English:

    a)  Où est-elle née? Where was she born ?

    b) Où ont-ils divorcé? Where did they divorce ?

    HOMEWORK : 22/01/2018 : learn questions 1+2+4+6



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  • Hello everyone,

    Here is the preparation of the final task and the new "sequence":


    Friday, December 15th

    (the fifteenth)

    Final task: create a healthy lunchbox

    You want to be hired as a food coach for Sean and Mike.

    Create a healthy lunchbox menu.

    Present it to the jury: use advice [should/shouldn’t], varied vocabulary, frequency expressions [more often...]...

    Be convincing. Create a powerpoint or a poster.

    My healthy lunchbox menu

    -       Starter/ entree:

    -       Main course:

    -       Dessert:

    -       Drink:

    Oral preparation:



    [expressions: more often]Monday, December 18th

    (the eighteenth)


    On the photo, we can see four people.

    In the middle, we can see Elizabeth II (Elizabeth the second), the Queen of the United Kingdom.

     A woman is brushing/combing her hair.

    On the right, there is a man. We suppose he is Prince Philip, Elizabeth’s husband.


    On the left, there is another man. We guess he is Prince Charles, Elizabeth’s son.

    Thursday, December 21st

    (the twenty-first)

    Biographies [celebrities at Madame Tussauds museum]

    Preterit verbs

    Regular verbs

    Irregular verbs

    Died (die) mourir


    Adopted (adopt)

    Divorced (divorce)

    Married (marry)

    Was / were (be) être

    Wrote (write) écrire

    Began (begin) commencer

    Had (have) avoir

     Lucy visited Madame Tussauds museum last weekend.

    She travelled back in time.

    She saw a lot of wax statues. There was the royal family but her friend preferred pop stars and actors. She even kissed Brad Pitt!

    When they went to London, they took pictures of the statues.


    HOMEWORK: 11/01/2017: learn the verbs 

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  • Mister Crazy's food habits!

                                                                                      Thursday, November 30th

                                                                                                             (the thirtieth)

                                            GIVING ADVICE TO MISTER CRAZY

    - Pour donner des conseils, on utilise le modal "should" + base verbale:

    Ex: He should eat fresh eggs to have a fresh breath / not to be sick.


    - He should eat fresh onions to have a fresh mouth.

    - He should brush his teeth to have a boyfriend/a girlfriend.

    - He should eat boiling hot carrots not to have his tongue paralysed.

    - He should avoid eating onions for breakfast to have a fresh breath.

    - He should eat vegetables to be in good health.

    - He should eat fresh salad not to have green teeth.

    - He should eat vegetables not to eat rotten food.

    - He should eat fresh cauliflower to have a fresh breath.

    - He should eat fresh soup with eggs not to vomit in his house.


    Michelle Obama's website:


    Friday, December 1st

    (the first)

    Michelle Obama’s website: LET’S MOVE

    Kids should limit TV time and keep TV out of their bedrooms.

    People should spend time together with a family park day.

    Children should take the stairs instead of the elevator.


    HOMEWORK: Monday, 4th: learn the lesson 


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    An advertisement for teenagers

    We imagine this poster is a campaign to warn teenagers against bad food habits.

    We suppose this poster was made by the government to prevent unhealthy food habits with teenagers / to teach them good food habits.

    Thursday, November 23rd

    (the twenty-third)

    Food habits in the class

    Frequency adverbs



    Never        Hardly ever         Sometimes      Often    Usually   Always

    Ex: Daria sometimes eats potatoes for lunch.

    a)  Salomé never eats parsnips for lunch.

    b) Ilona often eats broccoli for dinner.

    c)  Nino hardly ever eats beetroot for lunch.

    d) Isman never eats carrots for breakfast, contrary to Donald Trump who always eats carrots. That’s why he is orange. J 


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