• Hello everyone,


    Today, we studied vocabulary (sports and activities):


    - dance , read (lire), run (courir), walk (marcher), jump (sauter),

    - play tennis, play basketball, play football

    - play the guitar (on écrit 'the' devant un instrument de musique)


    HOMEWORK: learn the vocabulary for Monday 27th



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  • Thursday, November 23rd

    (the twenty-third)

    Final task 3: create a poem

    Change: animals, colours and numbers. Write a poem.

    1)  Le titre [number + colour + animal]

    2)  I love_______. Do you … Do you love _______ too?

    3)  I like ______ Do you... Do you like _______ too?

    4)  I hate ________ . Do you... Do you hate _______ too?

    5)  Oh you like _______! Do you really?

    6)  Yes, I do! I have ________.

    7)  I like my _________  ___________  _________.



    - Friday, 24th: revisions (verbes de goût et vocabulaire des animaux)

    - Tuesday 28th : FINAL TASK (apprendre son poème)

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  • Monday, November 6th

    (the sixth)

    Final task number 2: at the customs

    Roles: a customs officer and a secret agent.

    Situation: a conversation.

    Customs officer

            -       Welcome to London! 

            -       What’s your passport number? 

            -       What is your first name / surname? Can you spell it please? 

            -       What is your nationality? 

            -       Where are you from? 

            -       How old are you? 

            -       Could I see your passport? 

            -       Do you wish to declare anything? 

             -       Enjoy your stay. 

    Secret agent

    -       Thank you.

    -       My passport number is...

    -       My first name / surname is...   . It’s [+lettres]

    -       I’m ...

    -       I’m from...

    -       I’m [+age]


    -       No.

    -       Thank you


    Activity: learning numbers

    [1: one – 2: two – 3: three – 4: four – 5: five

     6: six – 7: seven – 8: eight – 9: nine – 10: ten]

    11: eleven

    12: twelve

    13: thirteen


    14: fourteen

    15: fifteen

    16: sixteen

    17: seventeen

    18: eighteen

    19: nineteen


    20: twenty

    30: thirty



    40: forty

    50: fifty 60: sixty


    70: seventy

    80: eighty

    90: ninety


    Activity: write the numbers in letters: ex: 56: fifty-six

    21: twenty-one. 32: thirty-two.43: forty-three. 54: fifty-four.

     65: sixty-five. 76: seventy-six. 87: eighty-seven. 98: ninety-eight


    Thursday 9th: learn numbers


    Tuesday 14th: Oral tâche finale

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  • Hello everyone,

    This week we discovered a lot of verbs! Here are your lessons:


    Rebecca, the language assistant


    Her name is Rebecca. name

    She is twenty (20). age

    She is English. nationality


    She is from England and Scotland. Origins


    Exercise: The verb “BE”: translate:

    1) Nous sommes écossais. = We are Scottish.

    2) Ils sont américains. = They are American.


    3) Tu es irlandaise. = You are Irish.


    Grammar: the verb “be” (être)


    Pronoms sujet

    Verbe conjugué





    He / She / It









    What languages do you speak?

    Clara understands Spanish.

    Rami speaks Arabic.

    Sheyenne reads French.


    Karel writes English.



    1) Les phrases affirmatives:

    He speaks English.

    è  Dans une phrase affirmative, le verbe porte la marque de la conjugaison (le –S).

    2)  Les questions :

    Does he speak English ?

    è  La question commence par l’auxiliaire « do » avec la terminaison –es. Le verbe n’est pas conjugué. 

    3) Les phrases négatives :

    He doesn’t speak English.

    è  Dans une phrase négative, c’est l’auxiliaire « do »qui porte tout ! Il porte : la terminaison –ES et la négation(« n’t »).


    Le verbe n’est pas conjugué.


    HOMEWORK: Monday, 16th: learn the grammar lesson


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