• Hello everyone,

    Here is all the vocabulary we learnt today:


    Friday, May 12th

    (the twelfth)

    Road safety: vocabulary

    -      Careful (adj) = prudent

    -      Footpath (nom) = voie piétonne

    -      Phone (vb) = telephone

    -      Pedestrians (nom) = des piétons

    -      A headlamp (nom) = un phare (à l’avant)

    -      The chinstrap (nom) = la lanière du casque

    -      A junction (nom) = une intersection

    -      Onto (prép) = sur / à

    -      Available (adj) = disponible


    En jaune : les syllabes accentuées


    HOMEWORK: learn the vocabulary (accentuation)

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  • Hello everyone,

    We started a new sequence today on safety and rules.

    Here is the lesson we wrote:

    Friday, May 5th

    (the fifth)

    Respect the rules

    Description of the photo:

    We can see three children (singulier: child) /   teenagers (ados).

    They are riding mountain bikes.

    They are wearing helmets and yellow jackets.

    They are in a street.




    Friday 12th: memorize the lesson. 

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  • Hello everyone,

    Today, we prepared the European week at Blanchard.

    We worked on the meals that will be eaten at the canteen next week.

    We worked on vocabulary and translation.

    Some of you volunteered to create the posters with the menu:

    Thursday, May 4th

    (the fourth)

    The European Week at Blanchard



    -      Greek salad

    -      Cesar salad

    -      Green salad

    MAIN COURSE (proteins)

    -      Fish & chips

    -      Moussaka


    -      Fries

    Plain yoghurt

    A piece of cheese

    A slice of cheese


    Carrot cake



     HOMEWORK: learn the menu for tomorrow

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  • Hello everyone,

    Yesterday, I gave you back your tests and we worked on the correction.

    After that, we finished working on time.

    Correction of the homework:

    [08:00] : It’s eight o’clock.

    [07:20] : It’s twenty past seven.

    [06:40] : It’s twenty to seven. 

    Tuesday, May 2nd

    (the second)

    [08:15] : It’s quarter past eight.

    [10:35]: It’s twenty-five to eleven.

    [04:45]: It’s quarter to five.

    [06:10] : It’s ten past six.

    [09:00] : It’s nine o’clock.


    [10:05] : It’s five past ten.

    HOMEWORK: revise time

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  • Hello and happy holidays,

    Today, we worked on questions and their structures.

    Then, we studied 'time'.

    What time is it?

    It’s seven o’clock. [07:00]

    It’s quarter past six. [06:15]

    It’s ten past nine. [09:10]

    It’s half past ten. [10:30]

    It’s quarter to one. [00:45]


    -       Si les minutes ‘dépassent’ l’heure, on utilise ‘past’.

    -       S’il manque des minutes, on utilise ‘to’.

    -       Si c’est l’heure pile, on utilise ‘o’clock’.




    For Tuesday, May 2nd :

    -       Learn the lesson on ‘time’

    -       Say what time it is:


    [08:00] – [07:20] – [06:40] 

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