• Ben's video application

    Hello everyone,

    This week, we worked on a video application for the best job in the world.

    Here are our lessons:


    Friday, May 12th

    (the twelfth)

    Ben’s video application

    In this video, we can see a man. His name is Ben and he is probably around thirty years old.

    He is showing all his experiences (travels, activities...).

    He wants to get the best job in the world so he makes a video application.



    -      Has he ever written a newspaper article?

    No, Ben has never written a newspaper article.

    -      Has he ever scuba-dived?

    Yes, he has already scuba-dived.


    Ben’s personality and tastes

    He is extremely crazy and he is very energetic too.

    He is very adventurous so he is not lazy at all.

    HOMEWORK: 19/05/2017


    TEST connaissances: experiences, participes passes, vocabulaire; adjectifs et presentation de Ben

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