• Britain's got talent: Malaki

    Hello everyone, here are your lessons:

    Wednesday, January 10th

    (the tenth)

    SEQUENCE: Britain’s got talent

    Video 1

    We can see Malaki, a candidate for the TV show “Britain’s got talent”. He is nine years old and he lives in London, Great Britain.

    He came (come) with his mum.

    The jury is composed of four members: Simon, Amanda, Alesha and David.

    We can see the audience. The TV presenters are backstage.

    Friday, January 12th

    (the twelfth)

    Video 2: Malaki is crying. What will happen next?

    [OPINION] + [SUJET] + [PREDICTION] + [BASE VERBALE] (+complément)

        I think            he              will             fall     dead on the floor.


    Exercise: reorganize the elements:

    a)  [continue to cry] [Malaki] [I guess] [will] [and stop to sing]

    I guess Malaki will continue to cry and stop to sing.

    b) [his mum] [cry too] [I imagine] [will]

    I imagine his mum will cry too.

    c)  [I believe] [buzz him] [will] [not] [the jury] [and] [encourage him]

    I believe the jury will encourage him and not buzz him.

    I believe the jury will buzz him and not encourage him.

    Tuesday, January 16th

    (the sixteenth)


    Class activity: form sentences


    Gr 1: I guess he will cry.

    Gr 2: I think the jury won’t encourage him.

    Gr 3: I suppose Malaki won’t buzz him.

    Gr 4: I believe the audience will stop to sing.

    Gr 5: I guess his mother will cry too.



    HOMEWORK: Wednesday, 17th: learn two sentences (class activity)

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