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    Here is our new lesson about Cinderella:

    Thursday, November 19th

    (the nineteenth)



    Cinderella was created by Charles Perrault. It is a fairy tale.

    Today, it is a Disney movie.


    She lives in a manor with her mean/nasty/bad/evil/terrible

    /horrible/cruel step-mother and her two awful half-sisters.


    She is wearing a simple/plain dress, an apron and a headscarf.

    She is cleaning / scrubbing the floor.

    She is kneeling / She is on her knees. ("kn": le "k" ne se prononce pas)



     A dream is a wish your heart makes

    When you're fast asleep
    In dreams 
    you will lose your heartaches
    Whatever you wish 
    for, you keep

    Have faith in your dreams 
    and someday
    Your rainbow will come smiling through
    No matter how your heart is grieving
    If you keep on believing

    the dreams 
    that I wish will come true 

    Match these words with their synonyms : 

            heartaches = sadness

            have faith = believe

            grieving = suffering

            keep on = continue

            will come true = will be realized


    WILL + BASE VERBALE ( ou BV = verbe non conjugué)

    ·        In dreams you will lose your heartaches

    ·        Your rainbow will come smiling through

    ·        The dreams that I wish will come true

    Qu’exprime Cendrillon en utilisant “will” ? 

    Si on croit en ses rêves :

    - Nos peines de cœur disparaitront

    - Nous serons joyeux.

    - Nos rêves  se réaliseront  dans le futur.




    Wicked characters in Cinderella’s tale

    Lady Tremaine is also known as the Wicked Stepmother.

    Anastasia Tremaine is the redheaded younger daughter of Lady Tremaine.

    Drizella Tremaine is the dark brunette haired older daughter of Lady Tremaine.


    VIDEO 3: What are they doing in the video?

    The mice are making a ball dress / gown.

    They are sewing the fabric with thread and a needle.

    They are trimming / cutting the fabric with scissors.

    They are using:

    -       A needle

    -       Thread

    -       Ribbon

    -       Scissors

    -       Fabric.

    How often do you help at home?

                                       Never – hardly ever – sometimes – often – usually – always

    Ex: I hardly ever wash the dishes.

    ð L’adverbe de fréquence se place avant le verbe.


    HOMEWORK : 13/12/2017 : learn the lesson (how often… ?)

    Expressions of frequency and duration

    -       Monday + [...] + Sunday

    ð Everyday / all week long

    -       Monday morning + [...] + Sunday morning

    ð Every morning 

    -       From the morning to the night

    ð All day long


    1x = once / 2x = twice / 10x = ten times / 100x = a hundred times


    /jour = a day - /semaine = a week - /mois = a month - /an = a year



    a)   Je passe le balai une fois par an.

    I do the sweeping once a year.

    b)  Elle fait la poussière dix fois par jour.

    She does the dusting ten times a day.

    c)   Ils font la vaisselle toute la journée.

    They wash the dishes all day long.

    d)  Vous hurlez tous les matins !

    You holler every morning.

    Household chores in the class

    Tifana usually helps with the housework.

    Albin sometimes sets or clears the table.

    Louane often takes care of her pets.

    Ilan usually loads or empties the dishwasher.



    Conversation: Present your robot

    Tifana, does your robot do the sweeping?

    -       No, my robot doesn’t do the sweeping.

    Kalvine, how often does your robot take out the bin?

    -       My robot takes out the bin three times a week.

    Yliès, how often does your robot make your bed?

    -       My robot makes my bed once a day.


    Pronom sujet

    Pronom possessif


    è   My bag


    è   Your bag

    He / She / It

    è   His bag / Her bag / Its bag


    è   Our bag


    è   Your bag


    è   Their bag

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