• Comparisons: the parody of Nighthawks

    Hello everyone,

    Today, we did a group work. You had to compare the original painting of Nighthawks with parodies.

    We wrote this lesson too:

    Thursday, March 30th

    (the thirtieth)

    Comparing the painting ‘Room in New York’ and the photo from the film ‘Shirley’

    The film ‘Shirley’ reproduced paintings of Hopper.

    In ‘Room in New York’, the door is less new than the door in the photo.

    The man in the painting is as focussed as the man in the photo.

    The photograph is brighter than the painting.


    The man in the painting is more athletic than the man in the picture.

    Check these parodies: http://www.laboiteverte.fr/20-parodies-de-nighthawks-dedward-hopper/

    HW: learn the comparative for Friday, 31st

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