• End of sequence 1 + sequence 2

    Hello everyone,


    Last week and this week, we finished sequence 1.

    You had a flashtest and we started preparing your blogs for the final task.

    Here are the lessons:

    Correction of the test:

    Compare people in the grid (3 sentences : +   -   = )

    James is clumsier than Dorian.

    Wendy is as clumsy as Sam.

    Dorian is less clumsy than Sam.

    Ex 2:  Talk about your tastes (use tastes verbs, activities, 4 sentences)

    I love playing soccer but I hate going to the dentist’s.

    I can’t stand eating fish but I am crazy about eating vegetables.

    Ex 3: Say it in English:

    a)   Paul est extrêmement paresseux mais il n’est pas très bavard.

    Paul is extremely lazy but he is not very talkative.

    b)  Lisa n’est pas du tout égoïste mais elle est assez travailleuse.

    Lisa is not selfish at all but she is quite hardworking.

    c)   Sam est très désordonné mais il un peu tête en l’air.


    Sam is very messy but he is a bit/a little absent-minded.





    A blog about me

    Create a blog and include:

    -       Three things you like (minimum)

    -       Three things you don’t like (minimum)

    -       Three qualities you have

    -       Three flaws

    Vocabularyadverbs (a little...) / taste verbs (be crazy about...) / activities


    Creation of the blog:


    www.eklablog.com       www.canalblog.com          fr.wordpress.com



    SEQUENCE 2: American Diners



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