• First lesson!

    Hello everyone,

    Yesterday, we started working on 'personality'.

    Here is the lesson:


    Wednesday, September 6th

    (the sixth)

    Sequence 1: Talk about your personality

    What are they like?

    ( What do they like? <3 )

    Nigel is selfish. Greg is clumsy /)klymzq/.

                   (adj)                 (maladroit)

    WORD BANK: Personality adjectives:

    Messy (désordonné) – hardworking (travailleur) – shy (timide) – patient – lazy (paresseux) – funny (drôle) – talkative (bavard) – selfish (égoïste) – polite – jealous – absent-minded (tête en l’air).


    HOMEWORK : 11/09/2017 : Learn the lesson(adjectives, pronunciation, question). 

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