• Food habits




    An advertisement for teenagers

    We imagine this poster is a campaign to warn teenagers against bad food habits.

    We suppose this poster was made by the government to prevent unhealthy food habits with teenagers / to teach them good food habits.

    Thursday, November 23rd

    (the twenty-third)

    Food habits in the class

    Frequency adverbs



    Never        Hardly ever         Sometimes      Often    Usually   Always

    Ex: Daria sometimes eats potatoes for lunch.

    a)  Salomé never eats parsnips for lunch.

    b) Ilona often eats broccoli for dinner.

    c)  Nino hardly ever eats beetroot for lunch.

    d) Isman never eats carrots for breakfast, contrary to Donald Trump who always eats carrots. That’s why he is orange. J 


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