• Giving advice

    Hello everyone,

    We continued working on giving advice and we explained the meaning of "should" and "shouldn't":

    Thursday, May 4th

    (the fourth)

    Guiding visitors at the simulator

    You should listen to the instructions. 

    You should fasten your seatbelt or your harness.

    You should wait for your turn to enter the simulator.

    You shouldn’t scream / shout / speak too loud.

    Transform “You should turn off your phone”

    [3rd person plural]:  They should turn off their phones.


    I can give advice / Je sais donner des conseils

    -      SHOULD : sert à faire une suggestion, à donner un conseil ou faire une forte recommandation.

    Ex : You should be polite.

    -      SHOULDN’T: sert à déconseiller, à faire un reproche ou donner une quasi-interdiction.

    Ex : D. Trump shouldn’t be so intolerant and orange.

    -      SHOULD dans une question: on demande un conseil.


    Ex : Should I call now ?

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