• Have you ever...?

    Monday, March 5th

    (the fifth)

    Experience: Have you ever...?

    è     Have you ever written a blog?

    -       Yes, I have. I have already written a blog once.cool

    -       No, I haven’t. I have never written a blog.

    Adverbs: some times (quelques fois), twice (deux fois)...

    Activities : past participles + infinitives

    -       Bungee-jumped (bungee-jump)

    -       Crossed deserts (cross)

    -       Mountain-biked (bike)

    -       Snorkelled (snorkel)

    -       Given radio interviews (give)

    -       Fed the fish (feed)

    -       Done rafting (do)

    -       Ridden a turtle (ride) he

    -       Run a marathon (run)

    -       Sandboarded (sandboard)

    -       Scuba-dived (scuba-dive)

    HOMEWORK : 07/03/2018 : learn the sentences ‘have you ever ?’ (quest + 2 rep + adv)

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