• Listening: Mars exploration

    Hello everyone,

    Last week, we worked on two listening tasks:

    - the first one was a podcast

    - the second one was a video.



    Sending humans to Mars

    This document is a podcast dealing with / talking about sending people to Mars.

    It will be developed during the next five years / within five years.

    Scientists want to send an American man and an American woman to the planet Mars in a spacecraft.


    The competition is addressed to university students who will elaborate plans for the year twenty eighteen (2018).


    At the end, their projects will be judged on quality , timing , cost and simplicity.

    Listen again: http://learningenglish.voanews.com/a/sending-humans-to-mars/1738165.html



    Thursday, April 13th

    (the thirteenth)

                         A visit of a flight simulator



    Word bank:

    A flight simulator: un simulateur de vol

    Landing : l’atterrissage ≠ a take-off : un décollage

    An engineer : un ingénieur

    A crew : un équipage

    An airport : un aéroport

    A cockpit (un poste de pilotage)

    Awesome : génial

    Apollo 13


    HOMEWORK : 03/05/2025


    Learn the vocabulary



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