• Nighthawks (+ Warhol)

    Hello everyone,

    Here are the lessons we had together:

    Friday, March 10th

    (the tenth)

    Description of the painting Nighthawks

    Nighthawks (+ Warhol)

    Nighthawks – a description

    The scene takes place in a city in an American diner.

    On the left, we can see the street where we stand watching . On the right, there is a diner.

    The street is in the dark, silent and deserted whereas the diner is in the light, noisy and quite busy.

    It takes place late at night and we can see three customers and a waiter in the diner.

    There are many details we can see: for example, the cups, the hot water containers and napkin boxes...

    Homework: 13 or 14th: memorize information + vocabulary from the lesson.

    Tuesday, March 14th

    (the fourteenth)

    Nine Marilyn, Andy Warhol


    This document is a painting made by Andy Warhol.

    It is shown / displayed at the Museum Of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York City.

    This painting is very big and it represents nine portraits of Marilyn Monroe. So, it is entitledNine Marilyn”.


    Warhol created it between 1963 and 1967.


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