• Preparation of the final task

    Hello everyone,

    Last week, we finished our 'sequence' on Romeo and Juliet and you had a flashtest.

    We also started preparing the final task:


    2 :

    -      Romeo : If only he didn’t kill Mercutio...

    -      Tybalt: If only I had a big gun!



    Lorsqu’on utilise “if only + S + V-ed”, on exprime à la fois un regret et un voeu


    A: If I were Romeo I would hide Tybalt’s corpse.

    B: If I were Tybalt’s family I would shoot Romeo. 


    A: If I were Romeo I would be satisfied/ happy.

    B: If I were Tybalt’s family I would cry in my bed or play videogames and eat crisps.

    HOMEWORK: 07/04/2017: learn the structure + 2 examples.



    Friday, April 7th

    (the seventh)

    Correction of the flashtest

    1)          Describing actions:

    a)          Romeo is shooting Tybalt.

    b)         Tybalt is chasing Romeo.

    c)           Tybalt is picking up the gun.

    2)          Wishes:

    d)         If only I had a gun…

    e)          If only I was/were with Juliet...

    3)          Unreal situations :

    f)            If I were Romeo, I would run away.

    g)          If I were Tybalt’s family, I would cry.


    Final task – Creative writing – Romeo and Juliet

    Write an SMS conversation: the modern balcony scene, between Romeo and Juliet.


    -      Langage SMS, abréviations (mais pas seulement).

    -      If only

    -      If … would



    HOMEWORK : Wednesday, 12th : write the SMS conversation on a paper.

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