• Preparation of the final task

    Wednesday, February 7th

    (the seventh)


    Preparation of the final task: an interview

    -       Roles: a biographist / a journalist.

    -       Interview: pick a role, then, ask questions or answer questions about a celebrity’s life (preterit).

    Name: Millie Bobby Brown

    Dates: 1987/2022

    Job: actress – 100 films – fame in the 90’s, “Stranger Things”, 1 Oscar

    Nationality: German

    Place of living: France (Family in London, 1 brother)

    Pets: 2 parrots, 2 spiders, 134 goldfish.

    Marital status: single

    Cause of death: car crash


    -       What was her name?

    -       When was she born? When did she die?

    -       What was her job? How many films did she do?

    How many Oscars did she win?

    What films or series did she act in?

    -       When did she become famous?


    -       26/02/2018: ENGLISH TEST (2 prétérits, verbes, questions...)


    -       28/02/2018 : FINAL TASK (revise questions/answers/bio)

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