• Preparation of the final task

    Friday, February 9th

    (the ninth)

    Presenting our imaginary character


    Name: Bobby Peter – Dates: [18/04/1982- 18/04/2017]

    Job: novelist (fantastic) – fame: 2010. Wrote 19 books, sold 1M

    Married: 1) Bernadette (2 children)– 2) Victoria (4 children)

    Pets: a goldfish (Nemo) – a tarantula (Bobby Jr) – a dog (Mehmud)

    Cause of death: killed by Bernadette (shot. Took money)

    Nationality: Japanese

    è     What was his name?

    è     When was he born?  When did he die?

    è     What was his job?  When did he become famous?

    è     How many books did he write and sell?

    è     Who did he marry?

    è     Did he have pets?

    è     How did he die?

    è     What was his nationality?



    HOMEWORK: 26/02/2018

    Final task: revise questions/answers (preterit) about biographies

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