• Questions jury/candidates

    Friday, March 2nd

    (the second)

    Examples of questions from the jury

    1.  What are your hobbies? What do you like?

    è     I + verbe de goût + V-ing

    2.  What are you going to do/show/ present?

    è     I’m going to + BV

    3.  Where are you from?

    è     I’m from [country+city].

    4.  What job would you like to do later?

    è     I would like to be a / an [job]

    5.  Why do you take part in this show/competition?

    è     I take part in this show because I want to....

    6.  Can you talk about your talents? I can [BV] very well.

    7.  Who is this show dedicated to?

    è     This show is dedicated to ...

    8.  Are you nervous? Do you have a stage fright?

    è     No, I’m not, I’m very confident!

    9.  How do you feel?

    è     I feel very/quite   [Adj]

    10.                Who did you come with? [réponse au preterit]

    è     I came alone / with ....

    11.                What class are you in?

    è     I’m in ....th grade.

    12.                What are you like?

    è     I’m [adv + adj] but not very [adv + adj].

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