• Monday, March 5th

    (the fifth)

    Experience: Have you ever...?

    è     Have you ever written a blog?

    -       Yes, I have. I have already written a blog once.cool

    -       No, I haven’t. I have never written a blog.

    Adverbs: some times (quelques fois), twice (deux fois)...

    Activities : past participles + infinitives

    -       Bungee-jumped (bungee-jump)

    -       Crossed deserts (cross)

    -       Mountain-biked (bike)

    -       Snorkelled (snorkel)

    -       Given radio interviews (give)

    -       Fed the fish (feed)

    -       Done rafting (do)

    -       Ridden a turtle (ride) he

    -       Run a marathon (run)

    -       Sandboarded (sandboard)

    -       Scuba-dived (scuba-dive)

    HOMEWORK : 07/03/2018 : learn the sentences ‘have you ever ?’ (quest + 2 rep + adv)

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  • Tuesday, February 27th

    (the twenty-seventh)


    Australia is in the southern hemisphere.

    It is a sunny country where we can practice a lot of sports and activities, like/such as hiking, scuba-diving and surfing.

    If you are lucky, you can also meet kangaroos, koalas and maybe a platypus!

    Tourists can visit the Opera House in Sydney or Harbour Bridge.

    The capital city of this country is Canberra but you can also discover Melbourne or Perth.


    If you like outdoors, you can scuba-dive above the Great Barrier Reef or hike across the desert.

    Thursday, March 1st

    (the first)

    Cliches or stereotypes

    -       French people:

    Some people think/believe that...

    -       they always eat bread.

    -       they eat a lot of cheese.

    -       they all wear berets. 

    -       Australian people:

    Some people believe that...

    -       all Australians can throw a boomerang.

    -       they all ride a kangaroo to go to school.

    -       they can all play the didgeridoo.

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  • Friday, March 2nd

    (the second)

    Examples of questions from the jury

    1.  What are your hobbies? What do you like?

    è     I + verbe de goût + V-ing

    2.  What are you going to do/show/ present?

    è     I’m going to + BV

    3.  Where are you from?

    è     I’m from [country+city].

    4.  What job would you like to do later?

    è     I would like to be a / an [job]

    5.  Why do you take part in this show/competition?

    è     I take part in this show because I want to....

    6.  Can you talk about your talents? I can [BV] very well.

    7.  Who is this show dedicated to?

    è     This show is dedicated to ...

    8.  Are you nervous? Do you have a stage fright?

    è     No, I’m not, I’m very confident!

    9.  How do you feel?

    è     I feel very/quite   [Adj]

    10.                Who did you come with? [réponse au preterit]

    è     I came alone / with ....

    11.                What class are you in?

    è     I’m in ....th grade.

    12.                What are you like?

    è     I’m [adv + adj] but not very [adv + adj].

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  • Friday, March 2nd

    (the second)


    Caroline, Barbara’s best friend


    Caroline loves pasta and fruit.






    She doesn’t like fish and meat.






    She likes playing sports and listening to music.





    She needs a lot of fun to be happy.


    Memo: les verbes qui suivent un verbe de goût (ex :like…) prennent la terminaison –ing.


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    Friday, March 2nd

    (the second)


    Caroline, Barbara’s best friend


    Caroline loves pasta and fruit.






    She doesn’t like fish and meat.






    She likes playing sports and listening to music.





    She needs a lot of fun to be happy.


    Memo: les verbes qui suivent un verbe de goût (ex :like…) prennent la terminaison –ing.


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