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    Mister Crazy's food habits!

                                                                                      Thursday, November 30th

                                                                                                             (the thirtieth)

                                            GIVING ADVICE TO MISTER CRAZY

    - Pour donner des conseils, on utilise le modal "should" + base verbale:

    Ex: He should eat fresh eggs to have a fresh breath / not to be sick.


    - He should eat fresh onions to have a fresh mouth.

    - He should brush his teeth to have a boyfriend/a girlfriend.

    - He should eat boiling hot carrots not to have his tongue paralysed.

    - He should avoid eating onions for breakfast to have a fresh breath.

    - He should eat vegetables to be in good health.

    - He should eat fresh salad not to have green teeth.

    - He should eat vegetables not to eat rotten food.

    - He should eat fresh cauliflower to have a fresh breath.

    - He should eat fresh soup with eggs not to vomit in his house.


    Michelle Obama's website:


    Friday, December 1st

    (the first)

    Michelle Obama’s website: LET’S MOVE

    Kids should limit TV time and keep TV out of their bedrooms.

    People should spend time together with a family park day.

    Children should take the stairs instead of the elevator.


    HOMEWORK: Monday, 4th: learn the lesson 


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