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    Friday, September 8th

    (the eighth)

    Grammar revisions: the verb “be”









    I am / I’m

    Am I?

    I am not / I’m not


    You are/ You’re

    Are you?

    You are not / You aren’t


    He is / He’s

    Is he?

    He is not / He isn’t


    We are / We’re

    Are we?

    We are not / We aren’t


    You are / You’re

    Are you?

    You are not / You aren’t


    They are / They’re

    Are they?

    They are not / They aren’t


    TUESDAY 12/09: learn the verb be



    Tuesday, September 12th

    (the twelfth)

    The trailer of the movie: “The worst years of my life Part 1

    This document is the trailer of the film entitled “The worst years of my life”.

    We can see Rafe, a teenager, on his first day of school.

    He is meeting his friends and his enemies.


    He is also meeting the Principal/Headmaster.


    Wednesday, September 13th

    (the thirteenth)

    The code of conduct of Hills Village Middle School

    Video part 2

    This school is very strict.

    For example, pupils mustn’t talk, laugh and go to the bathroom.

    Pupils mustn’t be creative.

    They mustn’t bring outside food.




    -       Be creative

    -       Come to school

    -       Wake up early

    -       Work : write, do the homework

    -       Use our phones

    -       Talk when the teacher is speaking

    -       Chew gum

    Activity: write 4 sentences (2 with “must”, 2 with “mustn’t”)

    1) We must be creative.

    2) Pupils must wake up early.

    3) We mustn’t smoke.

    4)Pupils mustn’t fight.


    HOMEWORK: learn 4 sentences with must and mustn't 

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