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    Samedi 16 Septembre 2017 à 07:36
    Hi miss, when are you going to restart the challenge ? (Find a place with a picture)
    Mercredi 20 Septembre 2017 à 14:30

    Hi Victorien,

    I might be doing that again some day. But why are you asking? How can I give you points now that you left Middle School? winktongue 

    All the best for your high school years, to you and all my old 3ème!

    Mrs V

    Jeudi 28 Septembre 2017 à 17:51

    Hello Miss, it's Rose

    I have a problem with my blog, my record is delete again, so I can't write my record, and I have a text just in the computer in secondary school.


    Vendredi 29 Septembre 2017 à 10:30

    Don't worry Rose, a text is just fine for me.


    Mrs V

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