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    Here are your lessons of September:


    Tuesday, September 5th

    (the fifth)

    My first English class 

    1)          In my bag, I have:

    -      A copybook

    -      A complete pencil case

    2)          In the classroom:

    -      I am silent (=quiet) when the teacher speaks or when pupils participate.

    -      I raise my hand

    -      I respect others

    3)          At home:

    -      I learn my lessons and do my exercises


    -      I visit Pronote and the blog.




    Thursday, September 7th

    (the seventh)

    Sequence 1: All about school

    My school material

    In my bag, I have:

    -       A copybook

    -       A pencil case

    -       A planner

    -       Four pens (blue, green, black, red)

    -       A glue stick

    -       A ruler.

    In the classroom

    -       Good morning / Good afternoon, Sir/Miss/class.

    -       How are you? I’m fine, thank you.

    -       Sorry, I’m late.


    -       Come in.




    Friday, September 8th

    (the eighth)

    Classroom orders

    -       Don’t run in the corridor.

    -       Don’t listen to music in class.

    -       Don’t eat chewing-gum.

    Verbs: write (écrire) – read (lire) – use (utiliser)


    Talk (parler)


    Monday, September 11th

    (the eleventh)

    Simon says...

    -       Stand up!                                            - Be quiet! SShhhh!

    -       Sit down!                                           - Take a pencil!

    -       Open your copybooks!                    - Put up your hand!

    -       Close your copybooks!


    -       Listen!




    HOMEWORK: Revisions of the lessons of September


    Thursday, September 14th

    (the fourteenth)

    Introduce yourself

    -       What’s your name?

    -       I’m ... (name)   / My name is ...  (name).

    -       Hello! I’m  ... and this is ...   . 

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