• What time is it?

    Hello and happy holidays,

    Today, we worked on questions and their structures.

    Then, we studied 'time'.

    What time is it?

    It’s seven o’clock. [07:00]

    It’s quarter past six. [06:15]

    It’s ten past nine. [09:10]

    It’s half past ten. [10:30]

    It’s quarter to one. [00:45]


    -       Si les minutes ‘dépassent’ l’heure, on utilise ‘past’.

    -       S’il manque des minutes, on utilise ‘to’.

    -       Si c’est l’heure pile, on utilise ‘o’clock’.




    For Tuesday, May 2nd :

    -       Learn the lesson on ‘time’

    -       Say what time it is:


    [08:00] – [07:20] – [06:40] 

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