• Friday, September 8th

    (the eighth)

    Paul’s and Emma’s personality


    Paul is wearing two different shoes. So, he is absent-minded.

    Emma is dropping litter onto the floor. So, she is messy.


    Voc: Selfish (égoïste) – shy (timide) – hardworking (travailleur) – polite – jealous




    Monday, September 11th

    (the eleventh)

    Personality and adverbs

    [ (minimum) : not ... at all – not very – a bit / a little – quite – very – extremely (maximum) ]

    Question 1: What are you like?


    Question 2: How + adjective + are you?




    Thursday, September 14th

    (the fourteenth)


    è    =     as + adjective + as

    è    +     soit:   more + long adjective + than

                  Soit:   short adjective – ER + than


    è    -      less + long adjective +  than




    1)Dorian is more selfish than Sam. 

    2)Sam is less selfish than Wendy. 

    3)Wendy is more jealous than Sam. 

    4)Sam is less jealous than Wendy. 

    5)Dorian is less hardworking than Sam. 


    6)Sam is more hardworking than Dorian. 




    HOMEWORK: 21/09: REVISIONS: personality, adverbs, tastes, comparative 



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