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  • Hello everyone, 


    Here are your lessons (groups and class):


    Yesterday, Ilona went back to school.

    Victoria was living in the country where she was born, Russia.

    The ultimate personality quiz

    Thibault is extremely hard-working but he is a bit/a little shy.


    Lilou is too talkative but she is very funny.



      -Not at all / not very / a bit / quite / extremely / too +


    Selfish / messy / (im)polite / (im)patient / (dis)honest / bold / ...

    Yesterday, Katell ate at the canteen.

    Maxime can’t live without his smart phone.

    Nour learnt / learned that her favourite contestant had won Produce 48.


    Timothée can’t live without water.

    Katell likes rushing out to concerts on a Saturday.

    Flora has loads of dreams.

    Marco enjoys discovering news countries, castles and other places...

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