• Monday, September 17th

    (the seventeenth)

    Breaking the rules!


    -      No dyed hair!

    -      No touching the trophy case!

    -      No balls in the hallway!

    Exercise: Use must/mustn’t:

    -      Pupils mustn’t have dyed hair.

    -      Pupils mustn’t touch the trophy case.

    -      Pupils mustn’t bring balls to school.

    The worst years of my life


    HOMEWORK: learn the correction of the exercise

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  • Hello everybody,


    Here are your lessons:


    Ask for permission


    -       Can you repeat, please? I don’t understand...

    -       Could you open the window, please?


    -       I have a headache / stomachacheCan I go to the nurse, please?




    Back to school!

    ð Today, I feel.....



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