• Prep final task + new sequence

    Hello everyone,

    Here is the preparation of the final task and the new "sequence":


    Friday, December 15th

    (the fifteenth)

    Final task: create a healthy lunchbox

    You want to be hired as a food coach for Sean and Mike.

    Create a healthy lunchbox menu.

    Present it to the jury: use advice [should/shouldn’t], varied vocabularyfrequency expressions [more often...]...

    Be convincing. Create a powerpoint or a poster.

    My healthy lunchbox menu

    -       Starter/ entree:

    -       Main course:

    -       Dessert:

    -       Drink:

    Oral preparation:



    [expressions: more often]

    Monday, December 18th

    (the eighteenth)


    On the photo, we can see four people.

    In the middle, we can see Elizabeth II (Elizabeth the second), the Queen of the United Kingdom.

     A woman is brushing/combing her hair.

    On the right, there is a man. We suppose he is Prince Philip, Elizabeth’s husband.


    On the left, there is another man. We guess he is Prince Charles, Elizabeth’s son.

    Thursday, December 21st

    (the twenty-first)

    Biographies [celebrities at Madame Tussauds museum]

    Preterit verbs

    Regular verbs

    Irregular verbs

    Died (die) mourir


    Adopted (adopt)

    Divorced (divorce)

    Married (marry)

    Was / were (beêtre

    Wrote (writeécrire

    Began (begincommencer

    Had (have) avoir

     Lucy visited Madame Tussauds museum last weekend.

    She travelled back in time.

    She saw a lot of wax statues. There was the royal family but her friend preferred pop stars and actors. She even kissed Brad Pitt!

    When they went to London, they took pictures of the statues.



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