• Romeo and Juliet, the film

    Hello everyone,

    These days, we worked on an extract from the film Romeo and Juliet (Baz Luhrman).

    We first listened and listed all we could hear:

    Wednesday, March 29th

    (the twenty-ninth)

    Listening: Romeo and Juliet, the film.

    What could you hear?

    We could hear a car drifting and

    the sound of water splashing.

    We heard a man crying out

    of rage.

    There was a gun shooting/firing.


    HW: 31/03: learn the lesson

    Then, we watched it and we checked if we were right:

    Friday, March 31st

    (the thirty-first)

    Video extract: Romeo and Juliet (Baz Luhrman)

    The killing

     Romeo and Juliet, the film

    The scene takes place in a street of Verona.

    Romeo and Tybalt are present and they look extremely furious/angry/mad.

    First, Tybalt and Romeo are chasing each other with cars.

    At the end, Romeo shoots Tybalt.

    This scene is violent and gloomy (macabre/inquiétante).


    We feel scared, shocked and surprised too.

    HOMEWORK: learn the lesson for Tuesday


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