• Video: Oliver Twist

    Thursday, January 18th

    (the eighteenth)

    Video: Oliver Twist, the movie.

    This video is an extract from the movie “Oliver Twist” made by Roman Polanski and adapted from the novel by Charles Dickens.

    In this video, we can see a young orphan, Oliver Twist and many other boys. We can also see rich supervisors/gentlemen.

    The scene takes place in an orphanage in England (18th or 19th century).

    At the beginning, we can see gentlemen having dinner and eating a lot.

    Then, we discover children working in a factory.

    After that, we can see the dormitory.


    At the end, they are playing a game: they are drawing the short straw. 


    HOMEWORK: 22/01: learn information/voc/structures 

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