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    This week and last week:

    - we finished watching the video and discovered which rules the pupils broke (see lesson).

    - we worked on grammar and explained the use of MUST and MUSTN'T + flashtest

    - we worked on a text related to the film and we worked on questions.

    - we finally started preparing the final task.


    What rules do they break?

    -       Pupils mustn’t play with balls in the hall.

    -       They mustn’t touch the trophy case.


    -       Pupils mustn’t dye (colorer) their hair.

    Tuesday, September 26th

    (the twenty-sixth)

    Reading task

    Mrs. Stricker came back to the microphone and held up a little green book so everyone could see it.

    This,” Mrs. Stricker said, “is the Hills Village Middle School Code of Conduct. Everything you need to know about how to behave at school—and not to behave—is right here in this book.”

    A bunch of teachers came around and started handing out a copy to each student in the gym.

    When you receive yours, open up to page one

    and follow along with me,” Stricker said. Then she started reading . . . really . . . slowly. “

    Section One: Hills Village Middle School Dress Code . . .’”

    When I got my copy, I flipped all the way to the back of the book. There were sixteen sections and twenty-six pages total. In other words, we were going to be lucky to get out of this assembly by Christmas. “

    . . . All students are expected to dress appropriately for an academic environment. No student shall wear clothing of a size more than two beyond his or her normal size. . . .’”

    HELP! That’s what I was thinking about

    then. Middle school had just started, and they

    were already trying to bore us to death. Please, somebody stop Mrs. Stricker before she kills again!

    “‘Section Two: Prohibited Items. No student shall bring to school any electronic equipment not intended for class

    purposes. This includes cell phones, iPods, cameras, laptop computers. . . .’”

    The whole thing went on and on.

    And on.

    And on.

    By the time we got to Section 6 (“Grounds for Expulsion”), my brain was turning into guacamole, and I’m pretty sure my ears were bleeding too.

    People always talk about how great it is to get older. All I saw were more rules and more adults telling me what I could and couldn’t do, in the name of what’s “good for me.” Yeah, well, asparagus is good for me, but it still makes me want to throw up.



    From « Middle School Series », by James PATTERSON

    “Those oh-so cruel rules”, from “Middle School Series”, James PATTERSON


    1.  Who is Mrs Stricker? Is it a man or a woman? How do you know?

    She is the Principal of the school. She is a woman because we can read “Mrs”.

    2.  What is the title of the “little green book” mentioned line 2?

    Its title is “Hills Village Middle School Code of Conduct”.

    3.  Where does the scene take place? (be as precise as you can!)

    The scene takes place in the school, more precisely in the gym.

    4.  How many pages are there in “the little green book”? Quote the words indicating that the hero thinks it’s way too many.

    There are twenty-six pages in the little green book: “lucky to get out [...] by Christmas.”

    5.  Explain the sentence in italics lines 25-26: “Please, somebody stop Mrs Stricker before she kills again!” in your own words.

    Rafe is bored to death!

    6.  Read from line 34 to the end, what do you learn about the narrator? What kind of pupil is he?


    Correction of question 6: the narrator

    The narrator doesn’t like rules and the code of conduct.


    He feels extremely bored. He also feels sad and disappointed.


    Preparation of the final task

    Create a code of conduct

    Production: a powerpoint presentation + oral presentation.

    Groups of 2 pupils.


    Creation of the powerpoint in class and at home.

    Include: [must] and [mustn’t], vocabulary.


    Vendredi: Clé USB (salle info)



    Vendredi 6 : apporter diaporama + préparer oral 

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