• Analysis + audioguide

    Hello everyone,

    We studied Nighthawks again and we analysed it:

    Monday, March 20th

    (the twentieth)

    It’s spring today!


    Analysis of the painting ‘Nighthawks’

    There is a contrast between the bright diner and the dark street.

    There is no door to get in or to get out so the effect is to separate the spectators and the characters.

    The couple looks sad, unhappy, tired.

    [Attention: look = paraitre, sembler et look like = ressembler à]

    Two of the men are wearing hats. We can imagine that they are gangsters or police inspectors.


    HOMEWORK: 22/03/17: learn the lesson


    After that we studied the audioguide: Listen to it again here:



    HOMEWORK: Monday, 27th: revise everything on Nighthawks and learn the last sentences of the audioguide.

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