• Correction of the test + time

    Hello everyone,

    Yesterday, I gave you back your tests and we worked on the correction.

    After that, we finished working on time.

    Correction of the homework:

    [08:00] : It’s eight o’clock.

    [07:20] : It’s twenty past seven.

    [06:40] : It’s twenty to seven. 

    Tuesday, May 2nd

    (the second)

    [08:15] : It’s quarter past eight.

    [10:35]: It’s twenty-five to eleven.

    [04:45]: It’s quarter to five.

    [06:10] : It’s ten past six.

    [09:00] : It’s nine o’clock.


    [10:05] : It’s five past ten.

    HOMEWORK: revise time

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