• Describing actions + final task

    Monday, November 6th

    (the sixth)

    Let’s describe actions

    -      Number one:

    He is getting a gun out of his bag.

    -      Number two:

    He is ordering breakfast.

    -      Number three:

    He is looking at his burger.

    -      Number four:

    He is comparing his burger with the burger on the poster.

    -      Number five:

    They are feeling bad / sorry / disappointed.


    [on the left / on the right]

    [at the top / at the bottom]

    [in the middle]

    Preparation of final task N°2

    At the diner

    -       Roles: customers, a waiter/waitress and a manager. 

    -       Situation: a conversation in a diner. 

    Include: un problème, jouer son rôle, some et any + expr. de quantité, politesse, would like, les prix, vocabulaire (nourriture, boissons)…

    Actions :

    -       1) Demander une table

    -       2) Commander

    -       3) Conversation (entre amis)

    -       4) Servir

    -       5) Demander si ça s’est bien passé

    -       6) Demander l’addition + prix


    -       7) Problème + manager


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