• Quantity, some and any

    Hello everyone,

    Here are your lessons:

    Countable (dénombrables) / uncountable (indénombrable) words

    -       Les mots dénombrables: on peut les compter et utiliser “a” ou “an”. Ex : a donut / five donuts.

    -       Les mots indénombrables : on ne peut pas les compter ni utiliser « a » ou « an ». Ex : ø orange juice / a glass of orange juice. 


    -       Les expressions de quantité : 

    è    A spoonful of sugar 

    è    A piece of cake 

    è    A glass of milk


    è   A slice of bread 

    è   A cup of coffee 

    è   A bottle of water 


    Thursday,October 12th

    (the twelfth)

    Video: a movie extract from the film “Falling Down”

    The scene takes place in an American diner at thirty-four past eleven (11:34) at the end of morning.

    There are a customer, a manager (Rick) and a waitress (Sheila).


    The customer wants to order breakfast but it’s too late: breakfast is served until thirty past eleven.


    HOMEWORKl Monday, 16th: learn the lesson (video)

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