• Hello everyone,

    Yesterday, you worked on the computers. The connection speed was so high that we could finish everything in less than 30 minutes... well, no, it was really slow and we tried to do half of it he

    Here is the document: 

    HOMEWORK: Finish the webquest for Monday

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  • Hello everyone, 

    Here are our last lessons:

    First of all, we discovered a comic strip: the Earth going to see the doctor (a comic strip by Steve Cutts).

    We imagined that the doctor was going to tell it: "you are going to explode!".

    Actually, the doctor told the Earth: "You have humans...".

    The Earth became pale, green with fear. There were drops of sweat on its face and wrinkles. It started frowning and had its mouth wide open.

    Then, on Tuesday, we worked on our exchange with Nepal:

    Tuesday, May 31st

    (the thirty-first)

    Let’s work on our exchange with Nepal !

       1) Present France and Annecy: make a leaflet

    Objectives: use superlatives, describe the geography and the main interesting places, and why it’s a good place where to live.

        2) Compare their school with ours:

    Objectives: Use “whereas” and “while” to compare the schools.


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  • Hello everyone,

    Last time we finished studying this video:

    Tuesday, May 24th

    (the twenty-fourth)

    Video: final scene

    First, we supposed the man was going to climb the mountain of waste and scream/say: “I’m the king of the world!”.

    Actually, aliens arrived and killed / crushed / jumped on / flattened the man. He became a carpet on which it was written “WELCOME”.


    Correction of the test: Ex 2/4/6:

    Ex 2:  Expériences: I have already / never + participle passé (+ éventuellement la fréquence).

    Ex 4 : même consigne

    Ex 6 : le superlatif : the most + adj long ou the + adjectif court + -est


    [Pour les élèves ayant eu une excellente note: consigne: préparer en quelques phrases une description d’Annecy en utilisant des superlatifs en vue de présenter la ville aux élèves népalais]


    For Monday 30th: finish the correction of the test and revise the lesson.

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  • Olà a todos... Hello everyone,

    Today, we continued working on the video entitled "Man" by Steve Cutts.

    Here is what we wrote:

    Monday, May 23rd

    (the twenty-third)


    Video by Steve Cutts: Man

    We supposed the man was going to eat the bug.

    Actually, he crushed the bug.

    We guessed he was going to strangle the snakes.

    Actually, he made boots with the snakes.

    We imagined he was going to shoot the hen.

    Actually, he filled the hen with oil, he played basket ball with it, he fried it alive and he ate it... L

    The Man fished in the sea, he took all the fish!



         We supposed...       Actually....       Present

    [une supposition     [une vérification      Le moment où on 

    dans le passé]          dans le passé]     relit ce qu’on a écrit. 


    HOMEWORK : Tuesday, 24th :


    Memorize 1 supposition + 1 « actually » sentence + timeline

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  • Hello pupils,

    Yesterday, we worked on the beginning of a video.

    You had to imagine:

    - what happened 500.000 years ago

    - what the man was going to do

    Here is what we wrote:

    Tuesday, May 17th

    (the seventeenth)

    What happened 500.000 years ago?

    (five hundred thousand)

    I suppose there were squirrels or dinosaurs on Earth.

    I think/believe/guess/imagine it was the Ice Age.

    Actually, Man/humans appeared.

    Dans le carnet:

    Mme Vianey sera absente le jeudi 19 mai (formation). 

    Dans l’agenda :


    Learn the lesson for Monday 23rd 

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