• Hello everyone,

    On Monday, we discovered a comic strip:

    You have humans...


    We though that the doctor would tell the Earth: "You are going to explode!".

    Actually, the doctor told it: "You have humans!".

    The Earth became pale, green with fear.

    It had drops of sweat on its face and wrinkles. It frowned and its mouth was wide open...


    On Wednesday: we went working on the computers to do a webquest: here it is:

    HOMEWORK: Thursday, 02nd: continue the webquest: work on the "5Rs" and "shopping".



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  • Hello everyone,

    Today, we continued working on the video:

    Wednesday, May 25th

    (the twenty-fifth)

    Prediction of what is going to happen

       What we said before watching the end of the video: We guess the elephant is going to hit the man.




       Suppositions:           Vérification:           Le moment  

       Dans le passé            Actually                    présent :  

                                         Dans le passé.        On relit le cours 

    => We thought the man was going to scream: “I’m the king of the world!!!”.


    Actually, aliens arrived. They jumped on the man and flattened him. He became a carpet on which it was written “WELCOME”.



    HOMEWORK for Monday 30th: learn the lesson (savoir aussi expliquer la ligne du temps)

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  • Hello everyone,

    Today, first, I checked that you did your homework and many pupils didn't! Be more serious please...

    So here is the correction of the homework and the lesson we started on the video "Man":

    -       Pour: verser 

    -       A storm drain: une bouche d’égoût 

    -       Grass clippings : de l’herbe coupée 

    -       Rake : ratisser 

    -       Leak : fuir (vb) ou une fuite (nom) 

    -       Antifreeze : de l’antigel 

    -       Throw : jeter/lancer 

    -       Sidewalk/pavement : le trottoir 


    Monday, May 23rd

    (the twenty-third)

    What happened 500.000 years ago?

    (five hundred thousand)


    I think / I suppose / I guess / I imagine / I believe:

    -       men and women were present on Earth.

    -       a lot of monkeys lived on the planet. happy

    -       there were a lot of plants.

    Actually, Man appeared on Earth.


    HOMEWORK: Wednesday 25th


    Learn the lesson: suppositions + actually...

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  • Hello everyone,

    Today, we started a new "sequence" about the environment.

    Here is what we did:

    Our planet


    Wednesday, May 18th

    (the eighteenth)

    SEQUENCE: The environment 

    Our planet, Earth

    Our planet is composed of seventy-five percent of water (oceans, lakes, seas, rivers...), dirt/earth and minerals (rocks...).

    Our major problem today is global warming.

    It is caused by pollution (CO2, air pollution, oil, humans, factories...).

    As a consequence, ice is melting!


    -       Fertilizer: des engrais 


    -       Eroded: érodé (usé par le vent/l’eau) 

    -       Stream banks : les rives (de la rivière) 


    OMEWORK: Monday 23rd: learn the lesson and continue the list (words you don’t understand).


    A noter : Mme Vianey sera absente le jeudi 19 mai (formation)

    Our planet


    Now play the game again (you can click on the picture): PLAY

    Our planet


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  • Hello everyone,

    Today, you were just six pupils in class as the rest of the class is away for a few days.

    So, we continued working on Australia.

    We listened to Zach's presentation of the most remarkable facts about this country.

    Then, we worked on personality adjectives in a crossword puzzle:

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